Boat Work

Fort Bragg has an active harbor at the mouth of the Noyo River and Bob has had the opportunity to work on several boats in a setting where the harbor seals chase sardines and the Blue Herons and Pelicans swoop through the air like prehistoric creatures. Bob has worked and continued to work, on several boats in the harbor but his main effort until recently was aiding in the reconstruction of the Linmar.

The Linmar

The LinmarCommissioned in 1932 by Howard Marlin of Marlin Firearms, Motor Yacht Linmar was built by New York Yacht, Launch and Engine to offer private, luxury cruising throughout the East Coast's Intracoastal Waterway. In February 2006, a fire ravaged Linmar, destroying the entire hold deck and much of the house, and burning through the hull, crippling her structurally and leaving her a blackened void. Linmar was deemed a total loss.

In May of 2006, Kuhrt Wieneke purchased the charred ship from salvage and, together with his business partner, Chris Thurber, set forth on a complete overhaul and restoration. For the next few years, Bob worked with the Linmar crew to help restore the Linmar to its former glory. Twenty-five percent of the hull - including planks, frames and stringers from shelf to keel - had to be rebuilt from scratch. Literally every piece of wood onboard Linmar was replaced or reworked.

The Linmar is now based in Seattle and hosts weddings, corporate events, and private day cruises. You can learn more about her on the Linmar website.

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